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Our process



We Understand Your Clients … through Research and Planning


Discovery and Planning Session - We will prepare, conduct and moderate a two-day planning session.  Work includes advance preparation, information gathering calls and meetings and set up logistics. Our facilitator will use our proprietary tools and methodologies to guide the discussions, organize information, summarize ideas and agree on action plan, timeline responsibilities. In addition, the team will prepare and submit a detailed work plan for the first year of the campaign.


We develop an on-line profile of your company by developing the current perceptions in the market through available on-line data (including reviews and other on-line mentions).


Stakeholder Interviews  - We will conduct 10-15 interviews and outreach to current employees and potential customers to understand their journey and preferences.


Data Analytics and Critical Analysis of target audiences will reveal evidence-based insights that help us understand how and where they consume information. Findings will guide all subsequent creative content development and the communications channel used to reach those audiences.


Public Opinion Survey - We will especially survey your clients and do a deep dive into their preferences.  Next we engage your field force to understand the perceptions, issues, capabilities and resources to help manage local market communications efforts.


We Evolve Your Message … through Brand and Content Development


Campaign Look and Feel - We will develop a new creative concept, branding guidelines and content to bring your story to life.  We will develop a new Message House showing your company’s value proposition by detailing your main messages and proof points which support them.  This will serve as the guiding narrative for all campaign communications. 


Message and Narrative Development - We will lead a message development session and deliver a comprehensive message house document that will serve as the guiding narrative for all campaign communications.


Communications Assets - We will build a new library of Communication Assets (including logos and infographics) which can be used in all communications going forward, including advertising, promotions and cable, on-line and social media.   This Digital Toolkit of materials will include existing and new case studies and infographics which spell out the business case for your brand, including the cost benefits of using your company.


Campaign Plan - We will work with you to explore, present, discuss and select the official campaign theme or tagline.  We will provide the look and feel of the new tagline and following brand guidelines and provide usage specifications for future application of new tagline.


Earned National, Local and Trade Media - We will develop and maintain a comprehensive media database segmented by type, beat, industry and geography. Our media relations team, in collaboration with you, will develop an editorial calendar, media plan, pitching schedule and generate one to two top tier, one to two trade specific, one to two regional, one to two media outlets per month to amplify and broaden your story.


Interactive Web Portal - We will design, develop and program an interactive web portal for your clients and stakeholders to engage with your company, and for them to download promotional material, videos and case studies.  We will create a site map, design look and feel, research and write content, upload existing and new videos, integrate relevant links, program for your customer relations management software (CRM) and event calendar among other site features. 


Web Series - We also develop a web series that features success stories and trends and show your relevance in your market.  We will research, write storyboard, pre-produce, direct and produce up to two-minute videos featuring stories of your clients and stakeholders.


Social Media and Digital -  We will support efforts to promote your business through generation of content for, or creation of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).


We Continue to Effect Change … through Ongoing Customer Engagement

We will build upon buzz created during the initial campaign by maintaining momentum through ongoing activities and visibility.  By redeveloping your on-line profile over time, we can see how your visibility and clients’ preferences increase and grow over time.

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