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janice ockershausen

Janice is a media expert with years of communicating with real clients like yours.  Earlier in her career, she was a radio producer and advertising sales executive with WMAL Radio in Washington, DC and spent 30+ years as its top advertising sales producer.  During that time, she established a rapport with Washington area radio audiences by formulating talk shows and executive producing the number one morning show featuring Harden and Weaver.

patrick richitt

Pat got his MBA from the University of Maryland and he's a native of Washington, DC and has 20+ years of experience working with clients trying to better communicate with their audience in the most impactful way.  His experience includes working with non-profit organizations tasked with having to put on large celebratory events (such as their 100th anniversary).  Through his developed mission marketing discipline, he provided that each large event was itself a blueprint for the future of the organization.

michael ostrow 

Mike got his PhD at the University of Maryland and he was a professor of business and Director of the Small Business Development Center there as well.  He also taught at Howard University prior to co-founding ImageCrafters.  His expertise allows clients to bridge the gap between IT and creativity so that their users' on-line experience better engage them and moves them to action.

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